Writing a hunting lease

What to include in a hunting lease

Venue clause. Learn how to use the natural resources on your land to bolster farm incomes. Do you want the lessee to follow safe practices? Stipulate if and when guests will be allowed, and the quantity of game they may take. Leasing it to hunters may be the answer. This publication is intended for educational purposes only. Game management programs are offered, but vary by state. Renewal and termination terms — If you would like to provide your lessee with an option to renew the lease, then be sure to include these terms. When placing signs, lessee s may not drive nails into trees or buildings. Make sure you retain that right for you or other family members who enjoy hunting on the property.

Sample clause: Lessee s may not drive nails or other metal objects into trees for building deer stands, hunting blinds, camping facilities or any other purpose. The hunter should assume all the risks involved as his own responsibility.

What happens if a gate is left open?

hunting lease terms

The lease usually requires hunters to keep all gates shut and locked, and keys returned at the termination of the lease. Specify if the landowner has the right to use the property for hunting.

hunting lease rules and regulations

Note: Include language to state if the lessor can hunt on the property. But before you venture into a lease arrangement, develop a lease agreement that clearly outlines the rights of you and the hunter.

hunting club lease

Include a clause to prevent littering.

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Hunting Lease or Hunting Rights Contract